Yubin’s Debut Title Track “숙녀 (Lady)” Described as an 80s Urban Pop Song

On May 25th at 8 AM, JYP has released the track list for Yubin‘s upcoming solo debut “都市女子 (도시여자)”. The track list for “都市女子” features two tracks, the title track “숙녀-淑女 (Lady)” and “도시여자-愛”. This will be Yubin’s first solo activities since joining the Wonder Girls back in 2007.

Yubin who has been known for her rap through her participation on Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar 2” will be showcasing her vocals instead with her title track “숙녀-淑女”.

“숙녀-淑女” is an 80s urban pop featuring the use of the keyboard and drum. 숙녀-淑女 is described as being “City Pop” and inspired by genres of punk, disco, American soft rock, and R&B.

Yubin’s “都市女子 (도시여자)” will be available on June 5th at 6PM on music streaming sites.

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