Yook Ji Dam Takes Her Fight Against Wanna One To The Next Level

Title: “Yook Ji Dam, ‘CJ, YMC, Wanna One, if you won’t apologize immediately, I will hold a press conference'” (Source)

On March 21, rapper Yook Ji Dam wrote a post on her personal blog requesting an apology from CJ E&M and YMC Entertainment and even from the members of Wanna One themselves. In her post, she explains that she went through some scary situations and says she will hold a press conference if she does not receive a proper apology.

The following is the translated post written by Yook Ji Dam:

“Firstly, I am really sorry about ruining the country’s atmosphere as a celebrity.

The foreigners, Koreans, and Asians who have tried to take me to the airport when I was in Los Angeles in February. The multiple cars. I’d like the cars to be investigated for following me whenever I was walking alone. I want to check CCTV footage. February 14, the day of the Gaon Chart Awards ceremony. That’s the day.

In the end, my sister came to America to get me. I don’t know what YMC and CJ did, but even before I posted on Instagram, Jessi, Ailee, Jenny House, YMC’s head, and my former company CJ’s department head, Mr. Hong ignored me when I contacted them.

Scary things happened to me and I was only trying to live, but YMC and CJ did not contact me once. I wanted to resolve the situation involving Kang Daniel with the people directly involved, but it looked like they made a plan to hide all of Wanna One members. The malicious comments were so bad that they were hard to look at with open eyes. I couldn’t find any words supporting me.

I came back from the States around February 16 and I was scared and hiding in a hospital. The corporations’ tyranny is causing harm to my family too. I ask for a sincere, proper apology and explanation from CJ, YMC, and their artists. If you don’t apologize immediately I will hold a press conference within a few days. I’ll sue all of the malicious comments and unfounded rumors posted over the last month. My email address is XXX. I would be thankful if you sent me PDFs of the comments.”


  1. [+2245 / -275] But why do they have to apologize to you? I wonder ㅋㅋㅋ
  2. [+2074 / -290] But why Wanna One have to apologize…? You can’t get in touch with Daniel, so you ask your agency and the other kids to apologize?
  3. [+1801 / -244] I mean… Yook Jidam says CJ hired people in the States to keep her quiet??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why can’t I understand this ㅋㅋ
  4. [+1628 / -150] What am I missing? I understand why you want to sue the malicious comments, but why CJ, YMC and Wanna One have to apologize?
  5. [+1692 / -251] Yo Jidam, I don’t know what happened to you at the dawn the other day, but Daniel didn’t start it. You did it by mentioning his name in this Instagram post. Why don’t you look at your bad behavior first?
  6. [+725 / -156] You’re going to hold a press conference against Wanna One and demand apology, while they did nothing wrong towards you. Please, just stay still.
  7. [+661 / -101] Huh? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You want an apology from the people you hurt while they were standing still???? What are you talking about?????
  8. [+616 / -59] Jessi and Ailee?
  9. [+607 / -128] ㅋㅋ I don’t understand you Yook Ji-dam. You suddenly come out mentioning Wanna One on ESEN? You created a chaotic situation and disappeared. ㅋㅋ
    And now when Wanna One in a bad place (*because of the live broadcast) you try to crawl out and make it look like you’re the good person here. ㅋㅋ You should rethink if you want to live your life like this.
  10. [+568 / -64] ??? What is this nonsense…. First, she creates a total mess and then she is asking for apologizes??? What is she talking about…