Yet Another JBJ Member to Make His Solo Debut, Now it is Kim Donghan’s Turn

On May 30th, Oui Entertainment’s side stated, “Kim Donghan will debut on June 19th with the release of his first solo album.”

With this solo album, Kim Donghan plans to freely express his music and charms overflowing with a personality that he wasn’t able to show while working in a group.

His company stated, “Kim Donghan has been preparing his solo music and performance day and night for fans. Please anticipate and cheer for it.”

Kim Donghan appeared in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ last year and did activities in the project group JBJ with Kim Sanggyun, Jin Longguo/Kim Yongguk, Kwon Hyunbin, Roh Taehyun, and Takada Kenta.

  1. [+16 / -0] Congratulations on your solo debut, Donghan~ I will always cheer for you ♥
  2. [+3 / -0] Donghan~ congratulations on your debut and I can’t wait to hear your song.
  3. [+3 / -0] Donghan, I will cheer for you to do well in the solo activities! ♡
  4. [+1 / -0] Congratulations on your solo debut, I will always support you.
  5. [+0 / -0] Donghae ❤Congratulations ❤❤❤ Way to go!