WJSN’s Eunseo Says NO to Diets, YES to Healthy and Fit Body

Cosmic Girls’ Eunseo revealed the secret of her body shape. Eunseo held a photo shoot and interview with the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan.

In the released photos from the photoshoot, Eunseo drew the attention of the audience with an elegant yet fascinating black dress. Eunseo’s dress is closely attached to her body, revealing her healthy form. In another photo, Eunseo showed yet another a perfect shape and glamorous beauty although she was wearing a simple fashion that was made of an intense red lipstick, black top and jeans.

When Eunseo was asked about her secret key for a good body, she answered: “I used to think that my skinny body was pretty and I was obsessed with my weight”. She continued and said, “But now, I try to control my diet by practicing exercise that is right for me for a healthy and solid body.”

  1. [+29 / -1] Wait.. what she says and the photos in the article don’t match at all…
  2. [+14 / -1] Wow, her body is really good.
  3. [+9 / -4] Please don’t be so jealous of her as she speaks about great health. Who would love to be overweight and fat?
  4. [+6 / -4] Other girls are so stupid that even if you tell them for a hundred days, they are obsessed with weight. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They don’t consider height and muscle mass at all.
  5. [+1 / -0] Son Ju Yeon is really pretty ㅠㅠㅠ
  6. [+1 / -0] As expected from Eunseo >< Pretty ❤❤
  7. [+0 / -0] Ehh it is so hard to eat well and have a good body. ㅡ.ㅡ
  8. [+0 / -0] Her chest is small?
  9. [+0 / -0] Wow, she is pretty.
  10. [+0 / -0] Seriously pretty~ Fighting!!