Winners and Performances From March 10th ‘Show! Music Core’

Title: “‘Show! Music Core’ iKON, 11th win… MAMAMOO and NCT Comeback” (Source)

On the March 10th episode of MBC ‘Show! Music Core’, Red Velvet ‘BAD BOY’, MOMOLAND ‘BBoom BBoom’, and iKON ‘Love Scenario’ were the nominees for the first place. In the end it was iKON who took the win which marks their 11th with ‘Love Scenario’.

On this day ‘Show! Music Core’ was composed of various stages. The comedian Kim Young-chul, set up a special stage with the group MOMOLAND to perform ‘Andenayon‘. In addition, the first-ranked candidate MOMOLAND spewed the stage with energy when they performed their track ‘BBoom BBoom‘. Finally, it was gugudan’s final stage of ‘The Boots‘.

There were also few comeback stages. First to start were NCT DREAM with ‘GO‘, while Jung Il-hoon, member of BTOB, performed ‘She’s gone‘ together with his junior labelmates CLC. Last but not least are MAMAMOO which performed ‘Star Wind Flower Sun‘ and title track ‘Starry Night‘.

Other performers of the night were Sojeong (Ladies’ Code), Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), Jang Moonbok, Cosmic GirlsWeki Meki, Yoseob (Highlight), Golden Child, and Babyboo Shine.

  1. [+1284 / -68] It’s their 3rd triple crown together with Inkigayo and M Countdown
  2. [+998 / -51] Congratulations for the 11th win iKON^^
  3. [+938 / -52] 11th win! Congratulations!
  4. [+710 / -45] iKON congratulations for your 11th win. I love you B.I❤
  5. [+233 / -15] Today stage was really legendery…. Huge party…. Hanbin’s rap part ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌ
  6. [+156 / -1] iKON congratulations! B.I thank you very much
  7. [+140 / -1] Sungjyu thank you for your stage today… And iKON congratulations for your win, I love you so much❣ iKON, iKONICS lets only walk the flower road.
  8. [+129 / -1] iKON congratulation on your triple crown~ My mood is up~~ Please support their other song called ‘Rubber band’, it’s crazy good~ ^^
  9. [+110 / -3] ikon is my life #B.I #Hanbin #I Love You
  10. [+92 / -2] The stage was seriously cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you for the performance and congratulations on the 1st place!