WINNER’s Song Minho Covers the June Issue of ‘Arena HOMME+’ Magazine

WINNER‘s Song Minho (Mino) became the face of the men’s fashion magazine ‘Arena HOMME+‘ June issue. While wearing various ‘Emporio Armani Connected’ watches, Song Minho revealed mature charms. It is said that everyone on the set were impressed by Mino’s natural and stylish poses and sophisticated manners.

Song Minho, who happily smiled all the time while on the set, has been telling a straightforward story about WINNER’s goals and worries in the following interview. As you know, Song Minho’s great pictures and covers are endless, and you can meet them in the June issue of the Arena Homme Plus.

  1. [+262 / -13] He looked better before the weight loss.
  2. [+241 / -19] Too skinny…
  3. [+158 / -7] He looked cute and charming when I saw him with the yellow hair on Knowing Brother last year ㅠㅠ
  4. [+21 / -1] Personally, I think he is too thin now. It feels like a real skeleton.
  5. [+17 / -0] It is better to lose 5 kg rather than 10 kg when you’re already skinny. I think he lost way too much.
  6. [+15 / -10] Song Minho is handsome. He looks like GD when he loses weight.
  7. [+13 / -2] Minho turns into GD. Style and face are becoming similar.
  8. [+13 / -1] I think he looks better before he lost weight.
  9. [+12 / -3] Much better without weight.
  10. [+11 / -1] Surely the line is more alive, On the other hand, the cute charms disappeared. Oh… I need to get rid of some weight too.