WINNER Say They Need You ‘EVERYDAY’ in Comeback Release

Title: “‘I need you…’, WINNER release ‘EVERYDAY'” (Source)

On April 4th, at 6 PM (KST), WINNER released the music video of ‘EVERYDAY‘, the title song of the 2nd full album ‘EVERYD4Y’

WINNER’s second regular album ‘EVERYD4Y’ name is a combination of the number ‘4’ which has a special meaning for the WINNER members, and the word ‘EVERYDAY‘ which means ‘daily’. In particular, all 12 songs on the album, are self-composed songs, and the album features WINNER’s own colors through a variety of music ranging from hip-hop to traps to ballads and acoustic.

The music video was directed by Dave Myers, who directed “REALLY REALLY“. Against the backdrop of the Malibu Ocean in Los Angeles, USA, WINNER attracts attention by displaying masculine charms along with captivating choreography.

WINNER’s Song Minho shares “I wanted to make an album that I will want to listen to even after a few years”. Will the song become another mega-hit like their past releases “REALLY REALLY” and “LOVE ME LOVE ME“? Only time will say, but they are sure on the right track.

  1. [+1437 / -44] It’s great, very addictive
  2. [+1185 / -43] The song is so good that you can’t listen to it just once ♡♡
  3. [+1137 / -40] WINNER songs are no joke, the best!
  4. [+1048 / -38] I seriously love the song, it feels good. I love you WINNER!
  5. [+1002 / -35] I love the song!!
  6. [+256 / -11] The songs were great last time, but this time it is just superior class ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Thank you for releasing such good songs WINNER ㅠㅠㅠ I love youㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠ
  7. [+230 / -9] The song is so good haha
  8. [+217 / -10] We can trust WINNER
  9. [+210 / -10] WINNER’s EVERYDAY is super good!!!
  10. [+190 / -8] I really like the song