Who is Lee Tae Im’s Mysterious Groom?

Title: “Lee Tae Im pregnancy, who is the potential groom? ‘Lee Si Hyung NO! 12 years old senior businessman'” (Source)

On March 19th, Lee Tae Im said on Instagram “This is Tae Im. It’s been a long time. The past few days were very hard for me. I decided to lead a normal life from now on.”

Rumors started to pop up at after Lee Tae Im’s sudden announcement of retirement from the entertainment industry. There were a lot of speculations saying her boyfriend is the son of Lee Myung Bak (former president), Lee Si Hyung. However, her former company was in a state of “disconnection” with Tae Im and recommending to people to refrain from guessing.

On the 21st, the agency said that Tae Im decided to cancel her contract with the company after the news of the pregnancy. The agency added “It’s not our business as it’s her personal life, but Lee Si Hyeong is definitely not the one. Tae Im will marry after the childbirth. She had a contract with the agency, but she paid the penalty fee and terminated the contract”.

  1. [+876 / -143] Sponsor
  2. [+625 / -101] Life is not all about money.
  3. [+555 / -78] I am not really interested in it, but I know I would regularly check up on this and look for new updates ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  4. [+535 / -117] Mergers & acquisitions business expert? He’s a con man.
  5. [+425 / -33] Congratulations on your pregnancy. But… You shouldn’t have used it as an excuse to retire because you’re having a hard time ㅋㅋ
  6. [+271 / -25] I thought you were going to retire because you had a difficult time? If it’s because you’re pregnant, then be honest. Quitting without telling your agency in advance… You are so irresponsible and inconsiderate.
  7. [+249 / -12] You terminated your contract successfully, you met a rich man indeed ㅋㅋ You must have looked into the apartments with a view to Han River for a reason^^
  8. [+216 / -20] I went home with my mom, and in the meantime … Shock … Somehow, it doesn’t look like a normal relationship.
  9. [+207 / -13] You met at the end of the year and became pregnant after your date?ㅋㅋㅋ Usually you get married after dating or at least keep dating, but you just got pregnant after dating. If you met at the end of the year and you’re already pregnant, it wasn’t just a date to begin with.
  10. [+163 / -17] Seriously… who you try to fool?