White Haired Girl Appearance In ‘Hello Counselor’ Grabs Attention

Title: “‘Hello Counselor’ Mother to a girl with albinism” (Source)

On the 12th March episode of KBS 2 TV show “Hello Counselor”, Ahn Eun-Jeong, a mother who is raising her daughter who is suffering from albinism, appeared on the episode. Ahn Eun-Jeon said that her child feels the staring eyes around her, “Why do people keep staring at me, Mom? What’s wrong with my head? What’s wrong with my skin?”, are some of the questions she is getting asked by her daughter every day.

Eun-Jeong is frustrated and hurt because of the treatment her child gets from the surroundings. “They treat her like she has a contagious disease… some even bet if she dyed her hair or not!”, she said with teary eyes. She mentioned how they thought about moving to the countryside or even immigrate from the country as she is afraid that her child might be bullied a lot.

    1. [+88 / -0] How ignorant it is to say to a baby she looks like a grandmother, make fun of her, and treat her like she has an infectious disease. It is so pathetic, rude, inconsiderate and these headless people are really pathetic. 4 years old kids can get hurt and feel bad as well. They feel and understand other people. Seriously, what they even think about doing these kind of actions?
    2. [+42 / -10] She looks like a pretty doll.
    3. [+35 / -13] I think her skin color looks normal, so if she dyes her hair, wouldn’t she grow without problems?
    4. [+26 / -3] Pretty!
    5. [+22  / -6] Cute!! It looks kinda fashionable
    6. [+17 / -2] Super cute ㅇ ㅅ ㅇ;;; Don’t worry about the people around you ^^ I really like it.
    7. [+8 / -4] The problem isn’t in the child but the mother.
    8. [+8 / -0] I am sorry to your daughter, but I think it is human nature to look at people who look different from others, simply because of curiosity. The problem is with the people who talk badly and make fun of others.
    9. [+7 / -1] The baby is damn cute
    10. [+6 / -0] The kid is cute and pretty. I hope she grows well and be healthy!! ^^