Wanna One’s Park Jihoon Shows His Manly Charms in a Concert

Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon presents a splendid performance at the 2018 Seowon Valley Charity Green Concert held in Paju Valley, Gyeonggi Province on 27th May.

  1. [+1318 / -62] Park Jihoon was so cool today~♡ Good Job Park Jihoon ~
  2. [+979 / -27] Park Jihoon was so good ㅠㅜㅜ So charming!
  3. [+786 / -18] Park Jihoon was a great dancer today, his stage presence, the facial details, and moves were all on point. I love his dark hair ❤
  4. [+661 / -15] Park Jihoon with black hair looks so good ㅠㅠㅠ❤ Today from the visuals to the stage, everything was legendary. I can’t stop watching the fan cams.
  5. [+548 / -12] He was really handsome, the stage was so cool~♡