UNI.T are Trending After Funny Video of Their ‘Dream Concert’ Performance was Released

UNI.T, a female group which was picked on the show ‘The Unit‘, made their debut stage on ‘Dream Concert 2018’ and drew lots of attention from the public.

On the same day, UNI.T made a surprise debut on the stage, with their new song “No More” which became a trending search word after the show.

The performance especially drew attention after few fan cams of the stage were released. In the video, there are many parts where the UNI.T members were running after the cameraman as they try to avoid to get caught in the frame. The performance was staged in a way where only specific members would be shown at each second, therefore the other members had to play ‘hide-and-seek’ with the camera lens.

On the other hand, UNI.T, which have been making headlines before the official debut, will make an official debut at Music Bank on April 18.


  1. [+160 / -13] Haha great, Cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  2. [+70 / -10] UNI.T’s No More is so addictive and good
  3. [+53 / -5] UNI.T fighting!! Congratulations on your debut.
  4. [+41 / -4] ㅋㅋㅋ Really cute!! UNI.T fighting!
  5. [+43 / -7] I like the song so much~♡
  6. [+29 / -3] The reporter is dirty;;;; you had to use these pictures???? I wish they would change the choreography before they make their debut.
  7. [+22 / -0] It was weird when I saw it live, but now I see why they did it.. So cute.
  8. [+21 / -2] Let’s make No More a hit
  9. [+17 / -1] UNI.T, let’s be a good player in purity, sexy, cute and powerful.
  10. [+17 / -1] I really enjoyed the stage yesterday. I’m looking forward to your debut.