TWICE’s ‘What Is Love?’ Is The Fastest K-Pop Girl Group MV To Reach 40 Million Views

TWICE‘s ‘What Is Love?‘ music video, has achieved another milestone in the records list, as it is now the music video to reach 40 million views in the shortest time.

The MV of the ‘What Is Love?’ was released on April 9th, 6 PM (KST) and by April 15 3:14 PM it already was over 40 million views – only in 5 days! The past record for the fastest music video by a girl group to achieve 40 million views, was recorded by non-other than TWICE with the song ‘Likey‘ – In 6 days and 17 hours.

Together with ‘What Is Love?’ TWICE’s total views count is now sitting at 1257 million views. Since their debut, all of TWICE’s songs achieved over 100 million views, and ‘What’s Is Love’ is on the right track to be the 8 consecutive time.

  1. [+585 / -27] All of them are pretty on the MV… especially Jihyo in the love letter scene.
  2. [+536 / -27] First time crush TWICE!
  3. [+485 / -24] As expected from TWICE! And their song is 1st place as well!
  4. [+465 / -19] Good Job TWICE ❤❤ What is love? Awesome
  5. [+442 / -17] I will always cheer for TWICE
  6. [+127 / -4] The music video is really well done, and the song is good ♡♡
  7. [+126 / -4] TWICE write another page in the history!!! TWICE Fighting!
  8. [+123 / -4] TWICE’s What is Love is the best ❤❤❤❤❤
  9. [+120 / -4] TWICE has the best record for girl groups, and the current TWICE competes with the TWICE of the past ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You’re doing well TWICE!!
  10. [+117 / -4] TWICE ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤