TWICE Takes 3rd Win For ‘What is Love?’ On ‘Music Bank’

TWICE came in first place at Music Bank with ‘What is Love?‘.

On April 20th episode of KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’, TWICE and EXO-CBX were the candidates, but in the end, it was TWICE who took the home trophy. In total, TWICE won 3 times so far, following ‘Show Champion’ and ‘MCountdown’.

TWICE then thanked their fans, ONCE, the staff and Park Jin-young, the producer of their comeback.

TWICE said earlier that they will have an encore stage with their company younger brother, Stray Kids, if they will rank first. The two groups staged a performance together to the applause and cheers of the fans.

  1. [+1212 / -108] TWICE congratulations for your win on Music Bank~♥ The ending was super cute with Stray Kids ㅋㅋㅋ
  2. [+1018 / -87] Awesome, 3 wins already with ‘What is Love?’~~^^
  3. [+973 / -90] Congratulations to the QUEENICE, the best girl group~~^^
  4. [+897 / -72] TWICE congratulations !
  5. [+860 / -69] Congratulations on 1st place!
  6. [+297 / -23] That why people call them Queen-ice and God-ice ㅋ
  7. [+283 / -22] Congratulations!
  8. [+276 / -21] Congratulations on 1st place Queenice ❤
  9. [+274 / -20] As expected from Godice
  10. [+269 / -21] TWICE are the best~