TWICE’s Nayeon’s Statement of Her Being No.1 in the Group is Causing a Stir

TWICE‘s member Nayeon said, “I am the 1st place in the team and 9th place is Jeongyeon“.

TWICE held their concert ‘TWICE ZONE 2: Fantasy Parkat the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul, at 5 PM on May 20. On the opening act, the members performed “Hold Me Tight,” “Likey” and “Look at Me”.

At some point in the concert Nayeon introduced herself as “It is Nayeon who is No.1 in TWICE”, she then added by saying “I was happy to see the ranking of merchandise and goodies sales in our team”. Nayeon then followed the line to Jeongyeon and said: “Let’s say who is ranked 9th!”. Jeongyeon cooly answered, “I’ll just admit it”. Sana ended the discussion by saying “I don’t care about the order or the sales of the members”.

In other news, TWICE has sold out a total of 18,000 seats in their recent concerts. This concert was designed with a comprehensive performance of the hit songs of TWICE and a time for each member to the show off their individual charms.

  1. [+400 / -28] Always watch your mouth carefully. Even without such intent, the press will pick the headlines and turn it as they wish.
  2. [+387 / -23] Sana is smart because she doesn’t care about the ranks inside the team, especially when it comes to the sales of merchandise.
  3. [+362 / -43] More like an order of who has the worst attitude.
  4. [+56 / -14] I thought it was just between the fans, but they talk about it openly like this.
  5. [+55 / -18] You don’t have to say so, even if you’re aware of the details. Just think before you talk.
  6. [+39 / -16] Foxy attitude.
  7. [+31 / -14] Is it something to be proud of?
  8. [+31 / -17] Is the ugliest one the first?
  9. [+28 / -18] Jeongyeon is much more beautiful than Nayeon. it is a matter of taste.
  10. [+22 / -6] I like Jeongyeon the best.