TWICE Comeback With ‘What is Love?’ Produced by Park Jin Young

Title: Park Jin Young X TWICE, the honey combination creates ‘What is Love?’ (Source)

Girl group TWICE have returned as girls who are curious about love.

TWICE released six songs on their fifth mini album, “What Is Love?“, At 6 pm on April 9 via different music websites. The title song is “What Is Love?” produced by Park Jin-young (knows as JYP). The song is about the curiosity and imagination of the girls who learned about love from books, movies or dramas.

The genre of ‘What is Love?’ is an up-tempo dance song with a bright melody. The cute charms and lively image TWICE have can be seen in the song. Some of the song’s lyrics “Every day, through movies, book or dramas, I feel what is love, Um- I learn about love”

The easy to follow choreography adds to the unique cheerful look and creates a perfect stage which everyone can enjoy. It shouldn’t be long enough before the point choreography will be a hit just like with the past comebacks.

  1. [+457 / -25] I really like this new song
  2. [+364 / -19] The song is top notch ♡♡ ONCE TWICE fighting!!
  3. [+363 / -18] Park Jin Young X TWICE congratulations on 1st place!
  4. [+338 / -13] The song is very good, fits perfectly with the spring season
  5. [+315 / -11] Congratulations on entering the 1st place with ‘What is Love?’❤


Title: TWICE comeback ‘We always try to show our best sides… we will try to be loved’ (Source)

  1. [+1047 / -129] Our TWICE 5th mini album ‘What is Love?’ is the best~~~
  2. [+949 / -120] Today is the day when TWICE will hit all kill with ‘What is Love?’ ~~ㅎㅎ
  3. [+890 / -107] What is Love is the best
  4. [+854 / -107] Once Park Jin Young and TWICE release a song together, you probably will listen to it for a while ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI’m looking forward!!
  5. [+785 / -99] The song is a fresh song that is perfect for spring ㅎㅎAwesome