The Under Sajaegi Controversy Singer Nilo Ranks 4th on Music Bank

According to KBS’ ‘Music Bank’ broadcast on the 27th, Nilo‘s ‘Pass By’, which is under the suspicious of using sajaegi, ranked 4th on the weekly ranking.

With TWICE and VIXX competing for the first place, the third place was EXO-CBX, followed by Nilo. Nilo ranked two steps higher than last week.

Nilo‘s ‘Pass By’ has been ranked number one on the soundtrack sites and main music sites. But the song, which has no popularity, passed popular singers such as EXO-CBX, TWICE, Winner and Mnet’s ‘Highschool Rapper 2’ songs. Since then it has been suspected under strong accusations of sajaegi (= manipulation of the charts). On the other hand. the singer’s company has denied any use of sajaegi.

  1. [+217 / -5] Suspicious, stinky job done.
  2. [+112 / -4] 4th place that nobody recognizes.
  3. [+96 / -4] Because the song is under a controversy, it cannot be broadcasted. Therefore he will do it anyway, anywhere.
  4. [+57 / -10] Maybe it is a good song, but I don’t want to listen to it twice.
  5. [+27 / -1] Someone tell him it’s ridiculous.
  6. [+12 / -1] A song that ranks 1st on charts for days, can’t even get higher than 4th place? At least try to find a better cover.
  7. [+10 / -0] Is it true?
  8. [+9 / -1] Out of 1000 people maybe 2 or 3 people listened to Nilo’s song.
  9. [+8 / -2] I don’t care about idols, I don’t care about music charts or rankings, but I still can’t understand why Nilo even on the charts.
  10. [+7 / -0] Although the song is supposedly more popular than TWICE and EXO, it still has 0 points on all categoriesㅋㅋㅋ Speaking of nonsense.