The Korean Curling Olympics Sensation Team Are Extreme Fangirls Over Their Idols

Title: “‘Taemin-Kang Daniel phone calls’, Infinite Challenge guests Kim Eun-jung and Kim Kyung-ae are true fans.” (Source)

In the latest filming of MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’, the show members and the Korean famous Olympics female curling team – ‘Garlic Girls’ met.

In the preview photos, Athletes Kim Eun-jung and Kim Kyung-ae are expressing their infinite joy like true fangirls. They had a surprise phone conversation with two idol members who they are usually fans of. The main characters on the phone were SHINee’s Taemin and Wanna One’s Kang Daniel!
Kim Eun-jung had previously shared on social media that she is a fan of Taemin, and Kim Kyung-ae often posted pictures of Kang Daniel and of her goods collections on her Instagram to display her true love for the idol.

While on the phone with Taemin, Kim Eun-jung yelled “Taemin! Taemin! Taemin! You must come!”, parodying her famous shout in the games. In Kim Kyung-ae’s case, she ended up dropping to her knees and bowing 180 degrees after the talk with Kang Daniel.
Everybody on set burst into laughter after watching these enthusiastic reactions from the national athletes

  1. [+140 / -1] Kim Kyung-ae, I heard you were a fan of Kang Daniel during the Olympics and I cheered for you to meet him! Congratulations on your phone call! I will definitely watch today’s episode of Infinite Challenge.
  2. [+122 / -1] I envy you for talking with Kang Daniel haha. Today’s episode of Infinite Challenge is must watch!
  3. [+93 / -1] I feel jealous because you talked with Daniel ㅜㅠ The episode today would be so much fun to watch!
  4. [+50 / -2] Congratulations on your phone conversation call Kim Kyung-ae!
  5. [+25 / -1] I am very envious of Kim Kyung-ae~~ I want to see Kang Daniel so much haha.