Singer Kangnam Has Been Involved in a 5-Way Car Accident

On April 28th, it was revealed that Kangnam was involved in a car accident involving 5 vehicles on the Gyeongbu Gosokdoro/Gyeonbu Express while on his way to schedules in Chungju.

The car that Kangnam was in suddenly braked causing the cars behind to run into his vehicle (sudden braking caused by the car in front of Kangnam’s made them to a sudden stop).

Currently, Kangnam and his stylist who were in the vehicle are being taken to the Chungbuk national university hospital.

  1. [+154 / -19] I hope there are no injuries.
  2. [+13 / -11] Don’t bash the person when he is injured… you will make him hurt even more.
  3. [+13 / -7] I hope it was not a big deal..
  4. [+11 / -2] Ah what with that bad news ㅠㅠ Hopefully everyone is fine ㅠㅠ
  5. [+10 / -2] Why there are even malicious comments?
  6. [+8 / -2] I thought there was a car accident in Gangnam.
  7. [+6 / -3] hope you were not hurt much.