SHINee’s Title Track for Upcoming Comeback is ‘Good Evening’

On May 28th at 6 PM KST, SHINee will release the first album ‘The Story of Light EP.1’ containing 5 songs of their 6th full-length album.

The title track will be “데리러 가 (Good Evening)”. It is an electronic pop song with a 90’s classic R&B feeling, featuring a catchy chorus, a unique composition, and a cathartic drop. It was composed and arranged by The Fliptones, an internationally acclaimed production team, and SHINee members Key and Minho participated in rap-making.

Before the album’s release, on May 27th at 4 PM KST at Korea University Gymnasium Hwajeong, SHINee will hold their 10th-anniversary fan meeting ‘SHINee Debut 10th Anniversary ☆ SHINee DAY’.

  1. [+84 / -0] Always cheering for you!
  2. [+32 / -0] I want to see SHINee quicklyㅜㅠㅠ
  3. [+20 / -0] It is Minho who has participated in rapping for 11 years. I am looking forward to this time because I miss SHINee so much.
  4. [+18 / -0] It’s always new, but and always fresh.
  5. [+14 / -0] I believe and will always listen to SHINee! Their voices are shiny like stars, and they are the best on stage!