SEVENTEEN’s New Concert ‘IDEAL CUT’ is Sold Out With Over 460000 People Fighting Over Tickets

The group SEVENTEEN sold out their concert as soon as the tickets selling was opened.

On May 21st, SEVENTEEN officially started the tickets selling of their new solo concert 2018 SEVENTEEN CONCERT ‘IDEAL CUT’ IN SEOUL to the fan club. The number of simultaneous users surpassed 460,000 and sold out at once.

SEVENTEEN’s concert will be held on June 29th, about a year after ‘DIAMOND EDGE’ held in July of last year. The group promises to show a more complete and diversified passion. There are still many fans’ expectations and questions, and the show is getting explosive reactions.

  1. [+12 / -0] I’m one person who failed in advance ㅠㅠ
  2. [+5 / -1] SEVENTEEN ♡♡
  3. [+4 / -0] Wow, as expected from Carats. They left no place for me..
  4. [+2 / -0] We’re going to Olcon through that huge competition.
  5. [+2 / -2] Why is it held in Jamsil where it can hold only 6,000 people at once, when there are 460,000 waiting to buy their tickets. Is it only weird to me??