SECRET’s Jung Hana Opens a Personal YouTube Channel

SECRET‘s Jung Hana meets fans on her personal YouTube channel.

On May 25, Jung Hana released a teaser video of “What am I doing today?” And announced the opening of the YouTube channel, capturing the fans’ attention. Hana plans to officially open her YouTube channel on June 2nd.

The channel is composed of various contents including beauty, fashion, and pet life. With the “what am I doing today” series, Hana wants to spread positive energy and positive charm, while actively communicate with fans to reveal more friendly and honest aspects.

Jung Hana, who became a YouTuber, said, “I have opened my own channel to communicate with fans. I want to be a person who can show different Jung Hana than the entertainer Jung Hana”.


  1. [+817 / -11] All the celebrities without schedules are doing either YouTube or V Live.
  2. [+623 / -12] These days, there are many celebrities who are turning into live streamers…
  3. [+497 / -10] The word communication is written there, but I read it as money. Do you want to communicate with the fans or you just need money???
  4. [+25 / -0] She is uglier than any other live streamer and isn’t a good singer either.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  5. [+22 / -0] I don’t think anyone will recognize her even she goes full makeup. I guess she ran out of money, and the entertainer spot doesn’t work either.
  6. [+22 / -1] Although she went under the knife, she still looks like this..
  7. [+18 / -0] I still think of the KFC’s Zinger burger when I see her name… ㅡㅡ
  8. [+17 / -0] You should have done well to Jeon Hyosung or Han Sunhwa…
  9. [+16 / -1] Since when does YouTube get so messy ;;;;