Ryu Siwon’s Recent Pictures Receive Mixed Reactions

Title: “‘This one doesn’t count as well?’ Ryu Siwon continuous cigarette pictures” (Source)

On March 9th, Actor-Singer Ryu Siwon uploaded some pictures and videos taken in the waiting room. In the uploaded pictures he wrote, “#I am always thankful to my family ~ #I love you”.
The pictures immediately caused big conversation because of the usage of a cigarette.

The netizens left various comments showing there are few approaches to the situation “He is an adult, where is the problem?”, one said, while others mentioned, “I love my family as well but I don’t upload pictures of me smoking because of it”.

It isn’t the first time of the actor uploading pictures of him smoking in various situations as can be seen below:

What do you think about the situation? Is it even worth to be considered conversational?