Red Velvet’s Yeri is ‘Fresh Icon’ For CeCi

Title: “‘Fresh 20s’ Red Velvet’s Yeri fashion paper sole cover” (Source)

The fashion magazine CeCi unveiled its April number cover, and the main model is Red Velvet’s Yeri!

In the cover, Yeri showed off a fresh 20-year-old look. With a bright smile and a refreshing charm, Yeri attracted all the attention. Her bobbed hair and cheerfulness made the readers’ hearts skip a beat. She was particularly attractive because she showed off her radiant beauty without being seen in a fancy outfit.

Some of the comments left in the original article:

  1. [+243 / -54] I think she is getting prettier day by day. Plus, she has a good personality!
  2. [+184 / -44] Cute
  3. [+173 / -43] I think she is very pretty.
  4. [+162 / -44] Yeri you looks so pretty. Walk only on the flower path.
  5. [+105 / -31] Yeri is it you…? Seriously pretty!