PSY Signs an Official Exclusive Contract with Hook Entertainment

K-Pop sensation PSY will reportedly sign with Hook Entertainment. On May 30, it has been reported that PSY will officially sign an exclusive contract with Hook Entertainment.

It is said that PSY and some representatives from Hook Entertainment have had numerous meetings together. Hook Entertainment is home to great actors and artists such as Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sun Hee, Lee Seo Jin, and Yoon Bora.

Originally, it was reported that PSY will set up his own one-man agency, after his contract with YG Entertainment expires, which he spent eight years in.

  1. [+85 / -1] He wants to go with Lee Seung Gi because he is a long friend of him.. Hook is perfect as they have a small number of people but all are elite level.
  2. [+38 / -1] He is a good fit with Lee Seung Gi. Would be even great to see them together on stage one day.
  3. [+3 / -2] Should have gone with the one man agency idea.
  4. [+1 / -0] Sounds good~
  5. [+1 / -1] Please give us a new PSY album.