Produce 48 First Recording Set in Early April – Special Appearance by I.O.I is Confirmed

Title: “Produce 48 first recording in April… I.O.I may appear” (Source)

According to multiple sources ‘Producer 48‘ has recently completed its lineup and finalized the date of recording with the Japanese production team in early April. It is moving with the goal of broadcasting in May.

In this process, I.O.I was also involved. It is reported that each company of the last group received a proposal to appear on the show as a special guest in the scheduled recording on the 22nd. Prior to this, I.O.I and AKB48 already had a joint stage as respective of the show in MAMA 2017.

‘Produce 48’ is a combined project between Korea and Japan. The show is a partnership between Korea’s Produce 101 and Japanese AKB48 system. Ahn Joon-young, who directed the production, expressed confidence in the success of ‘Produce 48’ following the I.O.I and Wanna One project. Attention is drawn to Produce 48 will be revealed to the public.

  1. [+305 / -8] Please don’t call them if you’re going to use their names to promote the show. You can’t even manage Wanna One properly smh
  2. [+244 / -9] I wish I could see I.O.I as a whole once again, but I feel they’re using their name just for promotion purposes.
  3. [+234 / -5] Stop using the kids… seriously
  4. [+190 / -5] Trying to bring back the Japanese 48 series, which is outdated, and push it into Kpop which is the current influential in Asia.
  5. [+133 / -6] Produce 48????Why not 101 again? Why 48??
  6. [+60 / -1] If they’re using them this way I prefer if I.O.I won’t attend…….I’m not sure if Mnet knows that the fans shouted together ‘Yes I love it’ on MAMA because of the 5 members of I.O.I who performed… not because of anyone else.
  7. [+58 / -1] Seriously stop using them.. It would be the same joint stage they had before.
  8. [+52 / -0] It would be great if I.O.I would come out, but I don’t like it since it would be the same co-stage like it was in MAMA. Stop using them.
  9. [+52 / -1] Call the sunbaes first. Are you using a joint stage once again?
  10. [+42 / -0] I will watch it when it will air, but I’m not happy with it….You will use them just like in MAMA