Photos From Choi Ji-woo’s Secret Wedding Released

Title: “Choi Ji-woo, a marriage in a secret wedding…. photos of white dress are released” (Source)

Choi Ji-woo’s agency YG Entertainment released few wedding pictures of the actress who held her wedding ceremony today (March 29).

Choi Ji-woo has announced her marriage today, the same day of the wedding. Choi Ji-woo’s husband is a normal office worker, and Choi Ji-woo kept the entire process of socializing and marriage under wraps for the sake of her average husband and family, and the news of Choi’s marriage was only disclosed on the day of her wedding.

YG reps said: “We would like to thank all of you for congratulating Choi Ji-woo on her marriage. The wedding on March 29 came to an end with the blessings of the family members who attended it”. Choi Ji-woo said through her agency “I will live beautifully with respect and consideration. I will always try to show a good image as an actress while always remembering the love and support.”

Choi Ji-woo’s wedding pictures attract attention with her elegant beauty in her wedding dress. Wearing her elegant pure-white wedding dress, Choi Ji-woo catches attention with her goddess beauty. Especially, the picture where Choi Ji-woo is holding her husband’s hand and smiling happily is drawing attention from many people.

  1. [+5338 / -61] The dress is elegant and really beautiful.. Well suited..
  2. [+3265 / -58] So pretty, with beautiful and friendly character. She will live well~
  3. [+2683 / -55] Seriously beautiful……….
  4. [+2091 / -57] Live happily!!
  5. [+1850 / -60] Be happy. I think she chose wisely. It is simple yet looks gentle and pretty. Looks good.
  6. [+403 / -13] A 44-year-old bride looks like in her 20s. The real top tier Korean Wave stars are in different class …Compared to other celebrities
  7. [+388 / -13] Wow, it’s the prettiest wedding picture I’ve ever seen… Amazing
  8. [+311 / -13] Choi Ji-woo is graceful and the dress and settings look very simple but beautiful! The photographer did a good job directing~
  9. [+299 / -5] Crazy… So pretty
  10. [+272 / -10] Wow, it’s just a picture~~ Beautiful