ONF are Preparing a Comeback, Have Finished Shooting MV in Los Angeles

After appearing on JTBC ‘MIXNINE’, 7-member boy group ONF (Hyojin, E-Tion, J-US, Wyatt, MK, U, Laun) will make a comeback. They recently finished filming their music video overseas.

According to insiders on May 9th, ONF recently returned to Korea after filming their new music video in Los Angeles, CA, United States. Their comeback date has not been finalized yet.

In January, ONF members Hyojin and Laun made it as finalists in the debut group from ‘MIXNINE’. But YG Entertainment contract negotiations with the ‘MIXNINE’ finalists’ companies fell through, and the ONF members resorted to returning to their company. Upon Hyojin and Laun’s return, comeback preparations were launched.

  1. [+62 / -0] Hehe ONF shine!!!
  2. [+33 / -0] I heard that you did not come up with a detailed schedule even though you finished filming the MV.. I’m still looking forwardㅎㅎ Let’s win ONF!!!
  3. [+30 / -0] Real talent!!
  4. [+27 / -0] Awesome….There is no schedule but I’m excited!!!!
  5. [+24 / -0] Let’s go ONF❤!!
  6. [+16 / -0] I’m looking forward to the new album because I love all of their songs!! I was waiting for your comeback. I am excited to see you soon.~
  7. [+16 / -0] ONF let’s hit big time!!!!!
  8. [+16 / -0] Kyaㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ You were in the US because you were shooting the music video!!! I can’t wait to see you ❤❤❤❤
  9. [+14 / -0] ONF only walk on flowers road!!!!!❤❤
  10. [+13 / -0] The ads that Hyoung-jin and Jae-young filmed are really cool.