NU’EST W Burst with Charms in Gaon Music Awards

Title: “NU’EST W can’t hide their charisma… ‘Women’s hearts are shaken'” (Source)

Group NU’EST W participated in ‘7th Gaon Chart Music Awards’ at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Jamsil-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 14th. Let’s take a look at the fascinating look of the charismatic group members in the concert.

(More pictures can be found in the source article)

  1. [+699 / -14] NU’EST W sang their song called ‘Look’ at the Gaon Chart Music Awards… I was so moved…ㅜㅠ You should listen to this song! It was written by Baekho, JR, and Minhyuk. It has pretty and light lyrics with stylish music. They are now in their 7th year since debut… I remember them since they were unknown.
    I hope that in 2018 people will remember you for your musical talent and great personality. Many people will acknowledge you! Baekho’s wish was to become a singer and sing for a long time… I will make sure your dreams will come true! JR, Baekho, Aron, Ren.
  2. [+607 / -14] NU’EST W amazing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Aron, JR, Baekho, Ren ❤
  3. [+596 / -14] NU’EST W JR, Aron, Baekho, Ren❤ Handsome, attractive and full of charisma on stage~~ ❤
  4. [+578 / -15] NU’EST W members are cool one by one. They are perfect ❤❤❤
  5. [+571 / -14] One by one, they are all handsome
  6. [+103 / -2] NU’EST W are really cool, charismatic, great on live stages and the best~~^^
  7. [+100 / -1] NU’EST W♡
  8. [+96 / -2] NU’EST W JR, Aron, Ren, Baekho~ Really attractive ♡♡♡
  9. [+94 / -1] All of NU’EST W are cool!!!
  10. [+86 / -18] NU’EST W JR, Aron, Baekho, Ren are handsome~ The best singers ❤