NCT’s Jeno, JBJ’s Jin Longguo and CLC’s Yeeun are ‘The Show’ New MCs

On May 22nd, SBS MTV ‘The Show‘ will reorganize their MCs. NCT‘s Jeno, who showed a strong performance in NCT 2018, JBJ‘s Jin Longguo, who gained popularity for appearing on ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ and doing activities in JBJ, and CLC‘s Yeeun, who has been a hot topic due to her daring new hairstyle.

Jeno’s group NCT recently became the first Korean artist to top Billboard Emerging Artists Chart, demonstrating NCT’s potential as a world star. He has worked as a special MC for music shows before and has made gradual progress in his capabilities, so viewers are looking forward to seeing what kind of image he will give as an MC of ‘The Show’.

Reemerging as an idol with a strong fandom after activities with JBJ, Jin Longguo (Kim Yongguk) has demonstrated his MC skills in web varieties. His position as MC of ‘The Show’ is gaining much attention due to it being his first activity after JBJ’s disbandment.

The only female, Yeeun’s group CLC launched activities for ‘BLACK DRESS’ in February and became a role model for teenage girls with her shocking visuals with bobbed hair. She has received praise for her skills in various programs as well.

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