NCT 127 Feel They Showed Who They Are With ‘NCT 2018 EMPATHY’ Comeback

Nine members of NCT 127 were featured in the May issue of Elle.

In addition to the comeback with the song ‘Touch’ and the release of the NCT brand group album ‘NCT 2018 EMPATHY’, NCT 127 recently has finished their debut showcase in Japan.

When asked about how they felt about ‘Touch’, which is different from the previous songs of NCT 127 where they show strong and fierce performance, member Jaehyun said, “Everyone agreed that the song was good in the first listen We are doing it in a more enjoyable atmosphere than ever”. The youngest of the group, Haechan said: “I think I’ve seen many cute faces of the members, thanks to the performance of ‘Touch'”.

‘NCT 2018 EMPATHY’ activity, the leader Taeyong said, “I think we could show what kind of team is NCT through this project.” And Mark also said, “We showed the artist aspect of the members. We are confident that we are growing”.

  1. [+728 / -151] Nct are handsome..
  2. [+642 / -116] I’ll always cheer for NCT 127
  3. [+635 / -114] I was so shocked when I heared ‘The 7th Sense’. I couldn’t believe it is an idol group debut song. I liked ‘BOSS’ and ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ when they were released ㅎㅎ ‘Touch’ too~ I was looking at their videos and the members are all talented and attractive ㅎㅎ I made a mistake when I was thinking badly about NCT ㅋㅋㅋ I think SM should define exactly what NCT is about and explain it to the public… it is a shame that they only done it one on broadcast.
  4. [+608 / -128] Black on Black is the real deal. NCT pulled the performance to the maximum, really awesome
  5. [+595 / -126] I am so sick and tired of people always talking about the failure of NCT when they just debuted 2 years ago ㅋㅋㅋㅜ NCT, I will continue to cheer and look forward to your activities, fighting!!!
  6. [+363 / -74] Don’t you think it’s too early to say they failed because they’re not popular yet? The results they have shown clearly show that NCT have a unique personality and color than other idol groups, and I think it is a significant success.
  7. [+338 / -63] I love you NCT! Let’s go slowly while showing around who you are!!!(๑・̑◡・̑๑)
  8. [+309 / -71] Why are there so many malicious comments here…? They just think they showed the identity of the team, but there are a lot of comments that are so mean…
  9. [+287 / -61] The antis are always faster…
  10. [+262 / -37] I’m confident in their performances. They show a different image and stage every other weekㅎㅎ