MOMOLAND Conclude BBoom BBoom Promotions

Title: “Today, the 25th, is the end of BBoom BBoom activities… 12 weeks of miracles” (Source)

The position of the girl group Momoland has changed, and Momoland is going to conclude the miraculous 12-week activities and begin to prepare for a new leap.

Momoland wrapped up its “BBoom BBoom” activities after SBS’s music show “Inkigayo” show that aired on the afternoon of March 23rd. After releasing their mini album ‘GREAT! ‘ on January 3, Momoland has been making impressive appearances for 12 weeks and has made their name known to the public.

Since the release of “BBoom BBoom” Momoland has been on the top of the top 10 spots on major music charts for more than 10 weeks, as well as winning 6 trophies on music shows. Last year, they became one of the most popular girl groups as they became successful in promoting ‘Wonderful Love’ thanks to the massive talk and performances by JooE.

The popularity continued across the sea to Japan. On February 28 and March 3 and 4, they held six fan meetings in Tokyo and Osaka and about 3,000 to 5,000 Japanese fans arrived each time. In particular, more than 100 Japanese media outlets participated in the Japanese media showcase held on March 2, showing great interest in Momoland members.

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