Model Han Hyunmin Isn’t Good at English as People Might Think?

Title: “‘I hate English, I love Sundae… Han Hyunmin in ‘Cultwo Show'” (Source)

Models Han Hyun-min and Kim Jin-kyung appeared on the SBS radio talk show ‘Cultwo Show’ on March 17th.

Han Hyun-min has an exotic appearance but does not speak English well. Han Hyun-min said, “I live in Itaewon and foreigners often ask me for directions. When I tell them I can’t speak English, they tell me ‘Stop playing games, I know it’s a lie'”. He said that he isn’t familiar with the language as people might think, while his younger brothers are native speakers. Later on in the show, he showed his love to sundae, a type of blood sausage in the Korean cuisine.

Some of the comments left in the source article:

  1. [+1408 / -32] Where is the surprise? It’s no surprise when a Korean, which was born in Korea and is living in Korea loves Korean food and hate English, which is a foreign language. Get rid of your prejudice.
  2. [+1132 / -24] It is discrimination to keep posting such headlines.
  3. [+1102 / -26] He is just an original Korean, and this article is racist.
  4. [+630 / -15] There are no doubts he is Korean ㅋㅋㅋ
  5. [+407 / -13] Cute ㅋㅋ
  6. [+118 / -1] He is Korean!! Please stop asking or responding to questions on TV saying, “I don’t belong to Korea that way, but I feel like I am Korean.” Why don’t you realize that it is discrimination to treat people who have different color skin or face type as outsiders? Seriously…
  7. [+106 / -2] I hate English and I hate sundae… How many times have we heard it already… stop asking him this
  8. [+84 / -1] Is it surprising? The real question is why Koreans like sundae and hate English. That what I’m curious about.
  9. [+65 / -2] From the title I could understand that he was born in Korea… you treat him like a foreigner.
  10. [+62 / -1] Yes, he is just a Korean, born and raised in Korea. This kind of article encourages discrimination.