MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Makes Her Solo Debut with Support From Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Moonbyul from the group, MAMAMOO, has stepped up to challenge going solo. On May 23rd, PM, Moonbyul will be releasing her first solo debut album “SELFISH” on all digital music sites.

Moonbyul’s song title, by definition, has a negative meaning of being ‘selfish’. However, the song itself gives comfort and confidence to people who are losing their happiness due to other’s standard by saying, “how would it be to put in an effort for my own happiness every now and then, even if it’s selfish.”

Red Velvet’s Seulgi features in the title song, sending a cheerful and exciting, yet sincere message with her upbeat voice. Along with the song, the ‘SELFISH’ music video shows Moonbyul and Seulgi showing off clumsy, cute swag.

The album will also include ‘In My Room’, an R&B/ hiphop song that sings of the dark loneliness and emptiness that comes from the fast-changing, complicated society. As well as the rearranged acoustic version of ‘Love & Hate/ Worthless’.

  1. [+77 / -1] Rooting for Moonbyul
  2. [+37 / -1] Let’s make Moonbyul’s solo a hit!!!!!!
  3. [+28 / -1] I’m looking forward to hearing Seulgi’s featuring!!! Moonbyul’s solo be a hit!
  4. [+20 / -0] Moonbyul’s first solo SELFISH, I’m so excited!!
  5. [+13 / -0] A great synergy between the two is expected. Fighting!