‘Love is In The Air’ With TWICE For CeCi

TWICE who returned with ‘What is Love?‘ is on the main cover of the May issue of the fashion magazine CeCi.

TWICE’s cover picture shows vivid styling suitable for spring and the beautiful appearance of a dreamlike girls. On the day of shooting, the members smiled continuously on the set, despite the busy schedule of two days before the showcase. In addition, although it was a particularly cold day, it is said that TWICE were full of their unique energy the entire time.

Asked about the way the members express their love to people around them in a post-share interview, Nayeon said: “I express my heart to all who are close and dear to me”. In addition, Sana said she is the style to express her love to the members of TWICE with a playful skinship, and that she feels sorry for not being able to express it to her fans as much as she feels. Dahyun, on the other hand, mentioned she is very shy of strangers but naturally becomes playful and corky in front of fans.