Lee Joon Gi Show Off His Muscles in a Series of New Pictures

Actor Lee Joon Gi showed off his masculinity.

Lee Joon Gi posted the photos on his Instagram on May 22. In the pictures, Lee Joon Gi’s handsome face, as well as the size of the arm muscles, catch the eye. In addition, the actor revealed a sharp jawline and strong upper body muscles.

  1. [+627 / -56] I hope you gain some weight on your face… You look so thin and it doesn’t look good on you.
  2. [+499 / -12] You look a lot thinner and have more muscles~
  3. [+337 / -21] The face has nothing at all.
  4. [+32 / -2] I think it is well composed haha. People who are very thin their muscles are more shown. I was a fan before, but now I’m not attracted at all after the weight loss. Better to keep the weight up.
  5. [+31 / -1] Because he lost so much weight and fat, the muscles are much clearer. He went on a diet as he was preparing for a competition. He is like Lee Seung Gi, small shoulders, and only a six-pack.
  6. [+21 / -10] It makes me smile.
  7. [+19 / -8] Resemble Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.
  8. [+18 / -7] It is weird because your face is too thin~~~~ I wish you could gain some weight…
  9. [+15 / -2] He is handsome and his body looks completely healthy.
  10. [+14 / -1] The first picture is so white, looks like it was edited in Photoshop.