Lee Joon Gi Release Behind the Scene Pictures of Japanese Fan Meeting

Actor Lee Joon Gi held his Japanese fan meeting ‘2018 LEE JOON GI SPLENDOR FAMILY DAY’ on April 26. 5000 Japanese fans came to see Joon Gi on the same day. At the same day, the actor has revealed a series of pictures from his Japanese fan meeting.

Lee Joon Gi said on his Instagram account, “I’ll see you again soon. I was so thankful.”

The photos showed Lee Joon-gi preparing for the fan meeting. Joon Gi displayed both sexy and cute looks at the same time. His sharp chin line and sharp nose attract the attention.

  1. [+370 / -5] Very skinny.
  2. [+352 / -5] He looked better at ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’, now he is too skinny ㅜ It would be better if he gained a little more weight.
  3. [+203 / -8] Why are you skinny? If you get a little weight your beauty would grow up. Also, you will get too fatigued now. ㅜㅜ
  4. [+18 / -3] If Jo Sung Mo has his plums, then Lee Joon Gi has the pomegranate
  5. [+14 / -0] Going down the path to becoming into Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.
  6. [+14 / -3] Tsuyoshi Kusanagi….Huk
  7. [+14 / -7] You look so skinny but still handsome.
  8. [+13 / -5] He became too skinny in the days I haven’t seen him..ㅠㅠ
  9. [+11 / -1] Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Lee Joon Gi look like two peas in a pod.
  10. [+11 / -4] Way too skinny.