LABOUM’s Yulhee and FTISLAND’s Choi Minhwan Have Welcomed a Healthy Baby Son

On May 28th it was reported by insiders that FTISLAND‘s Choi Minhwan and Ex-LABOUM‘s Yulhee greeted their son on May 26th. Currently, both the mother and baby are doing well and are healthy. FTISLAND members have also been excited about the news of the birth. The two have told many that although they are young parents, they will raise their child well.

Earlier this month, Choi Minhwan and greeted fans in the fan cafe with the news that he would be a parent. He shared the news that although he is still young, he will work to be a good parent. Sharing the that ultrasound footage was beautiful.

Choi Minhwan who is better known as FTISLAND’s drummer and maknae is born in 1992 and made his debut in 2007. Yulhee debuted with the girl group LABOUM in 2014, but left the group last year in November due to pregnancy. The couple will have their wedding on October 19th, after Yulhee is fully healthy from the childbirth.

  1. [+4138 / -120] Please don’t swear~~ At least they take responsibility and not throwing the baby away at an early age.
  2. [+1701 / -38] Applause for trying to be responsible rather than irresponsible … You won’t have any problems if you are at a young age… what is your age? Anyway, it isn’t our life, let’s not judge.
  3. [+807 / -26] All you have to do is to take responsibility.
  4. [+200 / -70] Are you planning to go to ‘Superman is Back’?
  5. [+97 / -7] Oh.. you have a baby already… these days there are many young people so irresponsible. It’s nice that you have the courage to be a parent and to take care of a baby! I hope you will come back healthy again later.
  6. [+79 / -19] It is so nice to be parents at young age ㅠㅠ It is really great when you’re older.
  7. [+82 / -27] The father is 27 years old and mother is 22 years old, what is young about it? Our parents gave birth to us at this age as well.
  8. [+67 / -16] What already gave birth??? So when did you get pregnant? ㅉㅉㅉ
  9. [+41 / -4] A one-night fault between lovers… , However, it is good to have a family with responsibility.~^^ I’m sorry but all is left from FTISLAND is Hongki ㅜㅠ
  10. [+20 / -7] Congratulations! Be happy.