Kriesha Chu Shows Support for The #metoo Movement on Interview for ”International bnt”

Singer Kriesha Chu and bnt joined forces for an interview and photoshoot, showing the singer’s loveliness and innocent.

In the photos Kriesha Chu is wearing a flower dress, boasting a pure and innocent beauty, as well as cute charms.

Kriesha Chu, who had successfully completed the promotions of her first mini-album ‘Dream of Paradise’, said she was “honored to collaborate with Wanna One‘s composers, Flow Blow and Pentagon‘s Hui”. About the song “Sunset Dream,” which she was directly involved in the composition of the lyrics, she showed a lot of attachment and admire to the song.

Kriesha also said she lost about 5 kgs while preparing for the album, but revealed her secret is exercise and practicing choreography every day. When asked about her satisfaction with her album, she said, “I am 99 percent satisfied. I’m glad I got a good song because I tried so hard”. Kriesha then talked about her being forever alone without having any relationships since she is young.

In the midst of this, Kriesha Chu who was born and raised in the United States, the home of the #metoo movement was asked carefully about what it is like to be grown in the states, “In the United States, these movements have been popularized ever since. I think it is necessary for the #metoo movement all around the world. I hope the voice of the weak will grow. ”

  1. [+486 / -34] Son Yeon-jae look-alike.
  2. [+530 / -91] Why you suddenly ask her about #metoo?
  3. [+213 / -21] The OST for Pink Pink was really good.. Her voice is really beautiful.
  4. [+176 / -20] Pretty
  5. [+130 / -15] Cute
  6. [+76 / -42] Here is the support for #metoo from the Korean celebrities we needed~
  7. [+63 / -13] There are many cases in which such person is born solo.
  8. [+44 / -14] How old is she to talk about being forever alone? ㅋㅋㅋ It is quite cute~ㅋㅋㅋ You will fall in love when you grow up~ㅋㅋㅋ
  9. [+32 / -3] She has such nice personality, and she is pretty too.
  10. [+33 / -7] Come on, what forever alone~^^