Korea’s Most Popular Triplets Are All Grown Up

Title: “Song Il Gook’s triplets are grown up in recent release” (Source)

Actor Song Il-gook has reported on the lives of the triplets.

On the afternoon of March 16th, Song Il post on his personal Instagram four photos along with the text “Most recent photos ~ ^ ^ Long live Korea! (*Literally means Daehan Minguk Manse, the names of the triplets*)”.
In the pictures, the triplets (Song Dae-han, Song Min-guk, Song Man-se) are posing in front of the camera wearing the same trench coat. Netizens paid keen attention to the children growing process.

Some of the comments left in the original article:

  1. [+2055 / -54] I thought Daehan was the only one wearing glasses, but it looks Manse has a pair as well ㅠㅠ I miss these cute children!
  2. [+1515 / -49] It feels like they were babies not so long ago, and now they are already 7 years old (Korean age)!!!!! They will go to elementary school next year.
  3. [+1087 / -41] Manse is wearing glasses as well!
  4. [+1044 / -105] I feel like crying..ㅜㅜ The triplets grew so much.
  5. [+830 / -82] Please come out more, I miss you!
  6. [+177 / -11] Wow they all look different yet they resemble Song Il-Gook by growing up handsome and cool!!!!!!!♡♡
  7. [+154 / -6] They still look the same
  8. [+140 / -11] You’re growing up well,  I love you!
  9. [+122 / -4] I am really curious to see how clever Minguk has become haha. He is such a clever kid~
  10. [+100 / -3] I love you triplets~