Kim Yuna Poses For ‘Marie Claire’

Title: “‘Non-accessible beauty’… Kim Yuna, an elegant goddess” (Source)

Fashion magazine “Marie Claire” announced on their official SNS “The March issue of the special edition of Marie Claire’s 25th anniversary offers three types of cover”. One of them is Kim Yuna’s cover.

Kim Yuna showed perfect pose, as well as gentle eyes with perfect elegance. Kim Yuna showed a ‘goddess beauty’ by displaying a deadly beauty.
Through the following interview, Kim Yuna discussed her last 4 years of activity and the free time she has now after the retirement.

  1. [+1192 / -47] Luxurious luxurious
  2. [+994 / -49] How can she look so delicate and pretty
  3. [+945 / -45] She is gorgeous and beautiful… she looks even better in real life, isn’t it?
  4. [+782 / -46] Really perfect ㅠㅠ Luxurious beauty
  5. [+702 / -39] Queen Yuna is pretty
  6. [+119 / -17] Aha….. I don’t even….. she looks like the most beautiful thing in the world… Sportsperson like Kim Yuna appears once in a century…
  7. [+109 / -22] She looks charming and beautiful. It’s a shame we won’t see her figure skating again. Simply an art.
  8. [+105 / -20] As expected from Kim Yuna… Some of you are going to swear at this, right?
  9. [+93 / -16] God Yuna
  10. [+86 / -18] She looks very attractive.