Kim Jun Hee Shows Off Her Mannequin Figure in a Bikini

On May 5th, Kim Jun Hee posted two bikini photos on her Instagram. The photos showed Kim Joon Hee wearing a black bikini and hot pants, showing off her fantastic body line. She emphasized her sexy charm with long straight, curly red hair.

In particular, the bursting of the volume that was revealed through the bikini has robbed the attention of viewers.

Meanwhile, Kim Jun Hee is the CEO of a shopping mall and is actively communicating with fans through SNS.

  1. [+160 / -5] Always the same style, even in her shopping mall.
  2. [+151 / -2] The hospital made it obvious……
  3. [+75 / -1] ………….The chest is too obvious..
  4. [+39 / -2] I don’t envy that volume … Too obvious~
  5. [+32 / -3] Lee Min Jeong, Seo Jung Hee, and Kim Jun Hee, is it Clara’s turn to appear next?
  6. [+11 / -0] Men don’t like this kind of chest.
  7. [+7 / -0] As I keep coming back I’m becoming an anti.
  8. [+7 / -0] More like a man-made mannequin.
  9. [+5 / -1] Why do you show pictures of your body day and night?
  10. [+4 / -0] It would be better to write if the volume