KHAN to Appear on Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook and Weekly Idol

Recently revealed by multiple insiders that duo KHAN (Jeon Minjoo, Euna Kim) will be appearing on KBS’s “Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook” and MBC’s Every1’s “Weekly Idol”.

KHAN had performed their debut single “I’m Your Girl ?” for their very first time yesterday while filming for Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook, and shared their unique colors of KHAN by performing covers. The duo will also be appearing on Weekly Idol as the weekly “Thumbs Up Idol” sharing their bright selves.

KHAN’s Jeon Minjoo and Euna Kim were originally part of girl group The Ark, and debuted in the The Ark back in 2015, however, the group had disbanded, and the duo will be making their first debut in 3 years as KHAN. Minjoo shared that she hopes that she can return the support she has received for her debut and hopes to show more improvements of herself for the near future.

  1. [+749 / -8] They try everything they couldn’t experience ㅜ Good for you Euna Kim, Jeon Minjoo. Fighting.
  2. [+153 / -9] It is too true to be good.
  3. [+87 / -4] Wow, Jeon Minjoo and Euna Kim… I really support you.
  4. [+75 / -5] I haven’t seen them other than audition programs, but now they’re actually debuting ㅜㅜ Way to go, KHAN!!
  5. [+45 / -2] Good luck^^
  6. [+10 / -3] They have debuted serval times and came out to the media more often than other rookies. If it does not work out, I guess they shouldn’t do it. They are hard workers, but the market doesn’t acknowledge their hard workings.
  7. [+8 / -0] I’m cheering for Jeon Minjoo! Her face is pretty and sincere.. just like her personality..
  8. [+8 / -1] Congratulations, I hope Lee Suji will join you later too.
  9. [+6 / -0] I really hope it will turn out good this time. They are two beautiful and talented people who seem to be desperate to perform!!
  10. [+5 / -1] Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook and Weekly Idol!! KHAN let’s go!