KARA’s Goo Hara Proves That Her Beauty Hasn’t Changed Since Debut

Singer and member of KARA, Goo Hara released a video on her Instagram on May 20.

In the video, Goo Hara enjoys the wind in a running car. Her goddess beauty is catching the eye as there isn’t much change since her debut days.

  1. [+222 / -12] Nop that not it. In the debut time she was so fresh and beautiful that I could only say she looks like a small puppy, but now she has the nose of an avatar.
  2. [+177 / -12] She changed her nose so frequently, resulting in different impressions each time.
  3. [+98 / -8] She has a big nose and a big forehead.
  4. [+14 / -5] Fat Nose.
  5. [+13 / -4] To be honest, it’s gone.
  6. [+9 / -5] Choco Chip Cookie
  7. [+7 / -1] Is this title a joke???