JYP New Group Stray Kids Finally Debut

Title: “I will break everything’…Stray Kids, JYP’s new boy group make their debut.” (Source)
On March 25th, Stray Kids held the showcase of their debut album “I am NOT” at Jangchung Arena.

It is unusual for new idol singers to perform live at a debut showcase targeting reporters. Stray Kids showed sharpened and polished skills in the showcase. They opened the show with their popular song ‘Hellevator’ and then introduced the new title song ‘District 9’ which attracted everyone’s attention. The intense performance was well expressed by the concept that Stray Kids want to pursue.

In addition, Stray Kids unveiled their greetings for the first time with the slogan ‘STEP OUT’. It means ‘to take a step.’ It contains their ambition to challenge the music industry ambitiously.

  1. [+48 / -7] Congratulations on debuting Stray Kids!!
  2. [+47 / -9] I want to see the live show
  3. [+42 / -7] Stray Kids ♡
  4. [+40 / -5] Stray Kids the best!!! Let’s only walk the flower road!
  5. [+37 / -7] Why they look so cool even in rehearsals? :’)
  6. [+10 / -3] Stray Kids let’s hit the jackpot ♥️♥️
  7. [+8 / -3] Well done Stray Kids! Congratulations on your debut! Way to go~~
  8. [+3 / -1] Although I’m a man.. I went to the showcase because I like JYP ^^ Their album is 1st place in iTunes of Finland, Norway, Sweden?!?!?!?!?! They’re a big hit~