JBJ’s Kim Yongguk to Release Self-Composed Single at The End of May

On May 11th it was revealed by insiders that Kim Yongguk will be releasing a special solo single for his fans at the end of May, this will be his first solo release since JBJ and his unit releases.

Kim Yongguk was part of Mnet’s ‘Produce 101 Season 2‘, and had gain attraction to fans through his unique vocals as well as his charms, after the show, he took part in project group JBJ that was formed with trainees who participated on Produce 101.

Kim Yongguk will be releasing the special single as a gift to fans who have been supporting him since taking part in the 7-month group project JBJ. His new single is likely to show his individual talent as both a singer and songwriter as well as his charms.

The special single is expected to be released at the end of the month, but no specific date has been determined.

  1. [+413 / -3] I look forward to it~!!!! Yongguk’s solo song!!!
  2. [+245 / -2] Yongguk’s solo song… This isn’t a dream… I’ll look forward to Yongguk’s honey voice.
  3. [+191 / -2] Kim Yongguk always be cheerful and only walk on the flower path!
  4. [+167 / -2] A solo song ㅠㅠ It is a solo song that was self-composed!!! Yongguk is amazing!
  5. [+152 / -1] I will always cheer for you! Let’s hear the sound of Yongguk.