JBJ Fans Protest in Midst of Rain Against Disbanding Decision

Title: “‘No for disbanding, Yes for contract renewal’… 200 JBJ Fans protest in midst of rain” (Source)

About 200 members of JBJ fan club Joyful gathered at the Fave Entertainment headquarters building in Gangnam-gu, Seoul for two hours from 7 pm on March 21st when it was raining. The fans urging the extension of JBJ’s contract and resisting the disbandment concert.

“Despite urging the renegotiation of the contract extension through the first silence rally on March 18,” said the fans, “the agency announced the final, disbandment concert on the next day without any feedback”. “We damnd to clarify the current situation and cancel the concerts and start a renewed discussion on the JBJ contract.”

On March 19, JBJ announced that it has decided to hold their last concert “Epilogue” in the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on April 21 and 22. It is said that this concert is an extension of JBJ’s first solo concert held in February which was “Really desirable concert”.

  1. [+1311 / -45] Stop deceiving the fans and cancel the concert. Do as you promised and extend the contracts.
  2. [+1101 / -41] Seriously, stop deceiving your fans.
  3. [+1024 / -40] Don’t try to cover it with the concerts. The fans will keep fight on!
  4. [+958 / -37] I want an extension rather a concert.
  5. [+861 / -32] I’m not going to the concert.
  6. [+211 / -7] What nonsense is this again… concert?
  7. [+200 / -5] We really don’t want this concert, who is it for?
  8. [+193 / -8] We strongly urge reconsideration of concert cancellation and the extension of contracts.
  9. [+182 / -6] Stop deceiving the fans, cancel the concert and renew JBJ’s contracts~~~~
  10. [+176 / -7] Please let us know why it so difficult to extend the contracts.