INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu Surprisingly to Enlist on May 14th

INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu surprisingly to enlist on May 14th

On May 7th, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu held his first solo concert ‘Shine’ at the Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Hall.

Kim Sunggyu, who is an ’89-liner will be leaving for the military and made his 1st announcement of his enlistment to his fans.

Sunggyu will be enlisting on May 14th to the 22nd Infantry Division. It has yet to be revealed if Sunggyu will have any additional activities ahead of his enlistment date as there is little time.

Sunggyu recently completed his first solo concert at the Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Hall that was held from May 5th to 7th. Sunggyu had met with fans singing many of his solo tracks from his album “Another Me”, “27”, and “10 Stories”.

  1. [+1764 / -21] Good Job Sunggyu, I will wait for you ♥
  2. [+976 / -8] To become a popular singer, I think it is wise to join the army and leave the army. It is very sad that Sunggyu is still an idol because his artistic sense seems to be good. I’m not an Infinite fan, but I’m cheering for the vocal performance because it’s so good and sounds luxurious.
  3. [+836 / -15] Oh, I really cried. Please come back home safely, I love you so much…….
  4. [+443 / -4] I thought you would go next year ㅠ It is so suddenㅠ What can we doㅠㅠ Go well~~~
  5. [+342 / -7] My singer grew well!! I will wait! Do not worry and don’t worry about me ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+144 / -1] He’s been living a really hard life… One of the few other idols~ Take care in army~
  7. [+120 / -1] I’m not interested in idols singers these days but… He is something different. He announces his enlistment one week before the date. Truly different than some other idols.
  8. [+100 / -0] Have a safe trip ㅠㅠ
  9. [+84 / -0] Thank you so much for letting us know about this without being informed by the agency. Take care. I will wait.
  10. [+60 / -1] You are a singer full of ideas.