‘Infinite Challenge’ Will Continue!… But With Few Changes

Title: Kim Tae-ho PD “Infinite Challenge will continue” (Source)

There are many questions, theories, and speculations among the fans and the public about the future of the hit show “Infinite Challange”. After various articles, statements and ideas, director of MBC Entertainment, recently met with the reporters and made it all clear.

The situation is as the following:

  1. On March 7, MBC Entertainment Director told the reporters, “Kim Tae-ho, the current PD of ‘Infinite Challenge’ will end his work on the show on March 31th and Choi Haeng-ho PD will replace him as the following PD on the show.”
  2. After the director’s message was over, an article appeared stating ‘All members are leaving the show’. MBC denied and claimed “It isn’t true, we are persuading with the current members”
  3. On the 13th, in a different article was written that there won’t be season 2 for “Infinite Challenge”. In addition, it was mentioned that “Infinite Challenge” under Cho Haeng-ho PD will be launched with a new name as a follow-up show.
  4. Shortly afterward, MBC held a press release to the media, discussing the various ways of changing ‘Infinite Challenge’. In the end, it was decided to end the current season of the show at the end of March and take a break. Kim Tae-ho will return to “Infinite Challenge” after the break or may start a new project. The “Infinite Challenge” follow-up program, which is being prepared by Cho Haeng-ho PD, is not “Infinite Challenge” season 2 and existing members wouldn’t take part.

Some of the comments left in the original article:

  1. [+9827 / -217] Infinite Challenge in seasons is the answer. This way Taeho PD can rest a bit, and the members can relax and meet again for a season, twice a year. Let’s do it the same way “Three Deals a Meal” and “Hyori Bed and Breakfast” do – in form of comfortable seasons. Members of Infinite Challenge, I think you can do lots of stuff as you get older.
  2. [+7717 / -165] Comeback with Kim Taeho PD, Yoo Jaesuk and the rest of the members.
  3. [+6998 / -165] Kim Taeho PD thank you very much ㅜㅜ Please come back as a member this time.
  4. [+6226 / -122] Thank you for this agreement. I will wait for the return of Kim Taeho and the rest of the members to the show.
  5. [+5004 / -117] Be sure to come back, I will be waiting.
  6. [+606 / -27] Thanks god. thank God. Kim does not give up on Infinite Challenge. And the members too. Kim Taeho PD, you are the eternal Saturday man genius. Waiting for Kim Tae-ho and Yu Jae-seok’s new ‘Mudo’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ such a relief.
  7. [+572 / -17] I wish the management had given the time to listen to the opinions of the production staff and give the members some rest… The cast of the show has suffered ㅜㅜ