Haru Shows Growth in Recent Pictures

Title: “‘Hip Hop Swag’ Kang Hye-jung’s daughter Haru is all grown up” (Source)

In the released photo, Haru looks like she grew up into a lady. Haru looks grown up but with the same childlike innocence and playful face she had before. Lee Haru looks just like her parents Kang Hye-jung and Tablo, and many fans have greater expectations for her future growth.

    1. [+75 / -3] The article is messed up ;;; Isn’t it?
    2. [+67 / -1] She looks like Tablo but with the feeling of Kang Hye-jung
    3. [+46 / -2] Journalist, are you crazy? What lady are you talking about?
    4. [+29 / -4] Such a useless article
    5. [+3 / -1] Haru really grew up