Han Ye Seul is Still a Goddess Even After Her Medical Accident

Actress Han Ye Seul revealed a series of selfies after she experienced a medical accident a few weeks ago.

Han Ye Seul posted several selfies on her personal Instagram on May 18. In the photos, Han Ye Seul is playing with a camera app, and show off her slim body using a bathroom mirror. People who saw these pictures couldn’t believe what they see, as Han Yel Seul glow more than ever.

  1. [+362 / -32] She is so pretty, looks like a doll.
  2. [+311 / -22] A straight smile with a straight face is always pretty.
  3. [+214 / -28] Don’t get hurt anymore. I will cheer for you.
  4. [+18 / -1] What a difference from the pictures of her medical accident.
  5. [+17 / -2] The strange comments are gone and only the one supportive are running ^^
  6. [+15 / -1] Even now, the surgeon who did the surgery on her, give back the money you earned.
  7. [+13 / -2] She touched it somewhere and it made her look younger… She is becoming similar to Sistar’s Dasom.
  8. [+13 / -8] Didn’t you run away while shooting the drama?
  9. [+9 / -6] She is pretty.. too bad her head is empty..
  10. [+8 / -2] You weren’t able to make it big time before the plastic surgery.